Online Therapy to End Chronic Dieting and Build Lasting Confidence

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

When you embarked on your first diet and fitness initiative no one told you it was going to be this hard to stay on track. No one talked about how draining it is to start a new diet after feeling unsuccessful with the last one. The pressure placed on you to follow the ever-evolving food rules of your diet is causing you to feel agitated, overwhelmed, and frankly; like giving up. You begin to think about all of your previous attempts to diet and come to the realization that this time will be no different. 


This Isn’t How They Made It Look on Social Media

You believed that this time would be different. This time you were going to make a lifestyle change; take small steps that would have a lasting impact on your health and wellbeing. And maybe you have, but you still don’t feel that sense of accomplishment you were promised. My clients are willing and fully capable of taking small steps that can lead to better health outcomes, they just don’t have the right mindset, yet. 


Most of the clients at Full Circle are experiencing a disconnect between their minds and bodies that they discover to be rooted in earlier life experiences and societal expectations. Therapy through Full Circle Counseling, LLC may be for you if:

Dieting and Exercise as a Function of Trauma

Our shared goal is to successfully work through your life experiences and the unavoidable societal pressures that are subconsciously driving you to diet, fail, and repeat. Experiences such as weight-related bullying, being cheated on, toxic relationships, peer pressure (yes! peer-pressure), and the messages you received from family and society about fat, shame, and control can all impact the relationship you have with food and your body. These experiences have undoubtedly influenced how you’ve interacted with the world and it’s time you claim your rightful place just as you are.

What therapy with Full Circle Counseling, LLC is not:

  • -A therapist encouraging weight loss
  • -A therapist listening to you spill the weekly tea
  • -A therapist telling you that you are right and everyone else is wrong
  • -A therapist recommending books, blogs, and making me time!
  • -A therapist waving a wand and all of your problems are suddenly gone!

Therapy is: Collaborative, Hard, WORTH IT!


What Should I Expect?

Once agreed that working together sounds like the right step for you and your first appointment is scheduled you will be sent a digital welcome packet with all of the relevant information you will need prior to your first appointment. This welcome packet is intended to share valuable information regarding the therapeutic relationship and process without taking up clinical time that you are paying for. It will look similar to other medical intake paperwork you have seen before. The Initial Discovery Consultation will include LOTS of questions to help your therapist get a better idea of what your needs are and how to help. After a thorough assessment of the presenting problems and their impact on levels of functioning, a treatment plan will be crafted and once goals are agreed upon; the work commences. 

What if I'm Working With a Personal Trainer?

Your therapist can work with that. Please note that your previously held beliefs about dieting and fat will be challenged. You will also be exposed to the possibility that you may have been unintentionally perpetuating fat stigma by pursing weight-loss.
You are not alone in this, and it’s not your fault. As we learn how we have fallen victim to diet culture and the industrial self-hatred complex we are also invited to reflect on how we have upheld these standards and the harm that may have caused.
In an effort to uphold the value of Social Justice these topics are not off limit in session. This is one of the ways therapy can be uncomfortable; you are invited to lean in, learn, and be better. 

Sound Like we Are a Good Fit?