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End the War With Your Body. ​ Build Confidence.

I help women who are stuck in the chronic binge eating cycle take control when it comes to eating without restricting, shaming, or self-hating

My clients come to me questioning their self-worth and doubting their ability to have a healthy relationship with their bodies, food, and exercise. Just like you, they are struggling but are somehow managing their day-to-day expectations and are KILLING it.

When they have their first session they are either just coming off of a binge and preparing for their next diet, or, they are currently dieting and the reality that cheating is inevitable is too much to handle. Oftentimes they aren’t even aware that their relationship with health and fitness is unhealthy, or even toxic. 

They are longing for those remarks from coworkers and family members about their recent and dramatic weight loss. They want so badly to be able to post a beautiful and dramatic transformation photo to receive comments like “OMG! Tell me your secrets!” or “You look SO amazing, keep it up!”

They worry that they will never reach their goals no matter how hard and how many times they try. They are constantly seeking reassurance from their partners that they are still attracted to them and they still love them. They curse the fitspo models who tell them to just enjoy the journey, and, trust the process!

Their on and off dieting gets in the way of the life they deserve in so many ways. They aren’t the kind of person, friend, or partner they want to be. They feel like they’re failing and their confidence in themselves is fading. 

Before they put in the work at Full Circle Counseling they had settled into their new normal. They would diet, binge, and then diet again to try and balance their most recent binge. Binge. Restrict. Repeat. They would have never considered the possibility of enjoying their relationship with food, wellness, and moving their body. They never considered the possibility of self love and fulfillment that wasn’t depend on weight loss. 

Like my clients, you deserve an unconditional relationship with food and your body. 

Loving yourself and feeling confident in your body is not out of reach.

If you want to experience radical self-acceptance and finally break the cycle for good I would love to help you get there.

You really don’t have to do this alone. Book your free 15-minute phone consultation today.

Imagine going out to eat with your friends and family and not having to obsess over what you can or can’t eat. Imagine the peace you can feel knowing you have the freedom to choose, and that what you eat does not define your worth. Imagine skipping a workout and not beating yourself up over it. 

You know that what you have been through, what you have been taught to believe about weight, and where you are right now doesn’t define who you are, your worth, or your place in the world. 

You have a deep understanding that the way you’ve been conditioned to view yourself is not a reflection of your willingness to work, your capabilities, or what you need to do next.

You feel more confident as a whole person because you know yourself better, you understand your behavior and thoughts, you know your values, you truly listen to your body, and you are unshakable. 

Those negative self-beliefs and little comments from your Inner Mean Girl no longer phase you. You feel grounded, peaceful, and most importantly; CONFIDENT. Because you have done the mental work you actually FEEL these results.

You have come to fully and unapologetically accept yourself. Even the parts that you used to be embarrassed and ashamed of. 

You see your life aligning in every way, friends, family, relationships, work, and pure joy and success flows. 

Imagine being your best self and believing you are capable, because you are!

Meet Faith (She/ Her)

Hello There!

You can call me Faith. I’m a Lady Gaga superfan (ask me about my tattoo) and dog momma to my little girls LEGO and YETI.

I work with women and girls who have yet to experience radical (but realistic) self-love through ending the chronic dieting cycle and silencing their Inner Mean Girl. They are working towards a healthy relationship with food and learning to let go when it comes to other people’s opinions of them. Having done the work myself (which will look different for you), I know the value of breaking the cycle, feeling in control, and finally feeling confident in your own skin. 

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