Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This is a perfect question to explore during your free 15- minute phone consultation. A lot of women just see their problems as chronic dieting, poor body image, or binge eating. What we often uncover in therapy are earlier life experiences that are influencing and are often the cause of today’s problems. Therapy, especially EMDR therapy, can be a safe place where those earlier experiences are uncovered, explored, and processed so they are no longer impacting your present self.

Great question, especially considering the time and financial commitment. There really is no one-size-fits-all therapy program which is why transparency is the practice at FCC. We check in regarding your progress towards your goals every 4-6 sessions. This DOES NOT have to be a forever thing. 

As a licensed mental health provider and trauma specialist I am trained and qualified to address the significant mental health concerns that can be influencing. The free 15-minute phone consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to ask about what qualifies me to support you. Together we will decide if we are a good fit to work together. If we decide that we’re not a match, I am happy to give you a referral to another qualified mental health professional. Common experiences for the women I work with include binge eating, negative body-image and self-doubt, perfectionism, chronic dieting, performance stress, negative or traumatic childhood experiences, domestic abuse, and chronic or acute emotional and psychological abuse and neglect. These are ALL experiences that undoubtedly impact one’s relationship with their body and can be a driving force to diet, binge, and repeat.

  1. This is a very common question! FCC accepts a limited amount of insurance plans to promote access to services for some individuals who would be unable to pay out of pocket and therefore unable to access medically necessary care.
  3. Individuals who intend to pay out of pocket for services will receive a Good Faith Estimate intended to give insight into the overall cost of treatment.
  5. Please keep in mind that insurance companies require a formal diagnosis to be placed on your permanent health records in order to pay for or be reimbursed for services. This is important to know if you would like to use your accepted insurance plan or request a superbill for reimbursement.   

Amazing question! Group is an opportunity to meet other individuals experiencing similar concerns in a supportive and therapeutic environment. Group is both processing and skills based which means each participant has an opportunity to share experiences from the past week, receive feedback, and provide support to the other members. The skills component will look different for everyone but will include a task-based assignment to complete outside of the session and then share with the group how it went!

Groups for girls and tweens are determined by age, severity of presenting concerns, and assessed level of cognitive ability in order to promote a cohesive experience for all. 

You can find the updated group schedule here

Glad you asked! You will be given a recommendation regarding frequency and duration for treatment by your clinician based on what your treatment goals are. Of course this is just a recommendation. Everyone’s schedules and financial resources are different. To give you an idea, though, your services could look like any of the following;

  • – You may engage in weekly individual sessions only
  • – You may engage in weekly individual sessions and weekly group
  • -You may engage in weekly group sessions only

There is a place for girls and teens between ages of 9 and 14 here at Full Circle Counseling. Please note that because services are 100% virtual, your child’s ability to remain engaged throughout session will be assessed and will be a consideration when determining appropriateness.

Women above the age of 21 are welcome to book a consultation call to see if teletherapy with Full Circle Counseling is a good fit!