Hello I'm Faith!

Basic EMDR Training | Certified School Social Worker | B.S. | MSW | RI License #ISW03482


Lady Gaga superfan and dog momma to my little girls LEGO and YETI. I say the word seriously way too much and I have a passion for supporting other women in achieving their goals. I’m definitely an introvert but totally value the experience of being uncomfortable because I know it’s the gateway to growth. I can be VERY competitive, especially when it comes to UNO. And like you, I’m willing to work hard for the things I want.

But How?

I work with women and girls who have yet to experience radical (but realistic) self-love. They are working towards a healthy relationship with themselves, food, and moving their body and are learning to let go of other people’s opinions of them.

We explore how significant the impact of negative self or body-image is and collaborate to increase functioning and overall wellbeing.

Treatment serves to guide and provide accountability towards growth. The desire to be anything but your true self is let go of and you start to explore what you want; independent of external influences.

If you have that feeling that says this can’t be it and you just know there’s another way but you don’t know how to get there, I’m talking to you. 

My Favorite Things


Donuts & Pizza




Belief System:

  • Lifelong Solutions
  • Revolutionary Self Love
  • No Food Rules 
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Intuitive Exercise 
  • Trusting Your Body 

Mission statement

The mission of Full Circle Counseling is to provide a unique and innovative approach to helping women and girls overcome the trauma that led to and may be a result of chronic dieting and negative self-image. The process is transparent, client-centered, and outcome-driven.


– Transparency and Collaboration

– Social Justice and Inclusivity 

– Kindness and Equity