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Free/ 15 Minutes

$225/ 60 Minutes

$150/ 45 Minutes

$180/ 60 minutes

$50- ask for details

Asking for help can be hard; especially with so much stigma around it. Let’s make therapy cool.

Full Circle Counseling, LLC accepts primary commercial plans that fall under the umbrella of both Optum and Aetna. This includes:

  • -Harvard Pilgrim
  • -Oxford
  • -UHC
  • -UHC Shared Services 
  • -UHC Student Resources
  • -Allied Benefit Systems

Because Full Circle Counseling, LLC is out of network with most insurance providers, please check with your provider to confirm if you have out of network benefits that cover telehealth with a Clinical Social Worker if you intend to seek reimbursement for services. FCC accepts debit and credit cards as payment at the time of service. FCC assumes no responsibility to verify OON benefits for clients.

Reimbusify is an app that will help those with Out of Network benefits and a PPO plan request reimbursement from your insurance company. The required documentation for this is available at your request. A signed informed consent will be required acknowledging that you understand that confidentiality looks different when involving an insurance provider. These differences will be reviewed with you by your provider. 

If you choose to pay out of pocket for services and do not intend on seeking reimbursement from insurance you must alert your provider. You are legally entitled to a Good Faith Estimate for services and will be provided one prior to your first session, as required by law.